40 Replies to “Confessions Of A Beta Male Cuck”

  1. You know whats funny that i just realized.. My girlfriend is younger than me and she was in a higher position at our job than i am before i even started there. Now she is moving up higher and higher and im still just a cashier. Women clearly get equal pay and opportunity they just normally dont take it. She, on the other hand has made it possible for herself by putting in the work and not slacking and doing what shes supposed to do. If you arent a lazy piece of shit (ill admit im pretty lazy) then you can make a life for yourself easily, man or woman.

  2. Wait a moment…..I'm a man, and I'm not a feminist…I acknowledge that there are "differences" between men and women…this in NO way means that I "hate" or "disrespect" women, or regard them as somehow "less than equal" to men….I never have or never will.
    Someone in the "FemiNazi" camp is sending out very fucked-up messages about "men" and our "motives"…

  3. This is off subject a bit, but here goes it. How do I help my husband not treat our daughter like a "princess. "You may not believe it, but I'm adamant she learn accountability, whereas he tends to put her on a pedestal; however, he never gives our boys a pass. The funny thing is, he's as anti-feminists as I am, but he's blind to his own behavior.

  4. Those "men" are not brainwashed, because you first need a brain to get brainwashed….and they are feminists for a reason! Brain a.k.a. logic and reason apparently does not belong to it…

  5. Please remember and take comfort in the fact that not all women agree with the idiot feminists. Not all women hate men, not all women want their men to be weak and subservient. Of course there are differences between the sexes but it doesn't mean that one is better than the other…just different and that's ok. In fact I wouldn't want it any other way.

  6. 2 dislikes? LOL more like 458288k Likes and 0 dislikes.

    Thanks for the love man, but in what reason do people think its fine to do this shit. It makes my head shake…

  7. "I am a male feminist because I believe in equality I'm a creepy faggot who thinks that if I play waterboy step-n'-fetch-it to a bunch of screeching, attention starved loser women, that I might get a pity fuck or that I can take secret up-skirt pictures of them since I'm an emasculated, worthless degenerate."

    * FIXED *

    My latest MGTOW video "Treating Me as an Equal is MISOGYNY!" https://youtu.be/GRyqobdM4Zg

  8. If you are a male feminist you are any one of 3 things
    An idiot who thinks women are still oppressed
    A rapist/abuser of women who thinks they can repent via feminism
    Or a dude with a T level so low you have to say that to get any chance of competeing for pussy with real men.

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