40 Replies to “Confessions Leads To Stunning Reactions (The Steve Wilkos Show)”

  1. YAll shud kno He never touched her but he tried. He was shocked 2 get hit 3 times by this chic. Steve says his self that the man never hit her if u LISTEN 2 the interview ule hear it 4 urself

  2. Man she shouldve had him arrested for giving her 2 stds. Nasty bitch !!!! She shouldve slapped him but he shouldn't have punched her. I would've understand if he slapped her back but you close fisting on her but bet wont do it to a whole nigga on the street. Smh theres nothing equal between a man or a woman. She was wrong but he aint have to do her like that. A slap isnt even that harmful so he couldve slap her back or spat on her but you punch her AFTER SHE WAS ALREADY GRABBED UP BY SECURITY. but this goes to show neither man or woman shouldn't be putting hands on each other period. ???????

  3. I have always said "I do not condone anyone hitting anyone." But when you do you will have to hold yourself accountable for what and how the other person reacts to it… Its not okay for anyone to hit anyone regardless….

  4. LMAO, I saw this, right now. They're at the part where he's speaking to the guy backstage, after the show. They had to end the show early after the punch cause my nigga straight up did some Street Fighter combo on her…..

  5. The chick crying at the end… Who's willing to bet that's actually related to him not being the father? There's that small part of me that doesn't ever trust previews, and I wouldn't put it past them.

  6. I think someone mentioned this episode. Guy punches her, security fucking charge him… Steve came out and said they weren't Jerry Springer, and weren't gonna air it…

    And a small part of me is wondering… If a girl punched a man like that, would security charge her?

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