10 Replies to “Confessions | ep-1 full episode | TRANSGENDER WOMEN | Shots Pictures”

  1. I Must Say You Are A Very Brave Girl, Lovely Daughter & Caring Sister…. A Personally Appreciate And The Way You Are And I Probably See You Everyday And Feel So Proud Abt You…. What Most Of The Girl Don't Have That You Have And That's "Gutts"…. I Like Your Spirit, Confident And A Bold Nature…. I Think You Will Be A Big Inspiration For All Belongs To Same Gender…. People Don't Woke Up Wen Fallen Down But U Did…. Last But Not The Least, Let Be The Way You And Never Break Yourself For Anyone….. I Am There For You Always And I Am Wid Ur Side….. Keep It Up…. ?

  2. Kavya Jaiswal talking about herself and the episodes in short she went through in life that was quite bold. Amarjeet taking the interview sucked to the core, there were some questions that made him sound so fuckin' stupid and dumb, someone else should have taken the interview.

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