47 Replies to “Colin Farrell’s Celebrity Confession”

  1. Just watched "In Bruges". It has been ten years!
    Very gracious man to the TTC transit workers and stayed late into the wee hours after a long day's shoot to let them take photos when he was filming in Toronto.

  2. He actually doesn't have his full Irish accent when talking about normal stuff, but its funny that when he started to get a lil embarassed about what his story, his accent changed and became more obvious πŸ™‚

  3. Beating around the Bush huh. Last thing I heard about my vagina that it was mighty cold. We feel that your an Eskimo. I thought I heard ya they get the picture it's Kim Yo. I blame people In New England Near Gillette Stadium. It's really the Presidential Impression of 2015 MLB and so on… It was so cold there and damned if some adults didn't realize the sensitive ears that heard that they should feel a shaved themselves. It's paved Virginia they wanna meet my daughter wasn't in middle school yet. She kept yelling you want to talk to my Mom and Her Dad told her to look me up. I lived down the street. She blames M. Shadows for the nickname confusion, but damned I had no idea…I was like they did it to get you peaved it sounded like heaved or leak or peak. I was like I got my period. They Charlie Hunnam cane out in a movie crimson peak. I was like In surfing the crimson wave. Thats so clueless. Wow that and the Bagpipes message took a long time to dcypher it was worse than the Virginity Trials. Damned every body has heard from the New York island to the gulf stream waters already. Now Hey sponsored by Anheiuser Busch Saint Lois Missouri ,Budweiser and Her Busch had nothing to do with it… They even started calling the brew America. Colin Farrell tell us about your Virginity who took your cherry? It's a run on joke with Wendy's Dave Thomas. The story of Dave's cherry or Mello Cherry the soda pop machine. It's a great laugh. Come on I know there is more Irish to this story is that why Guinness said it was Nitro what's really going on…

  4. I would have thought that just admitting he once auditioned for the Irish boy-band, Boyzone, would have gotten 10 grand just as much as that landing strip would have

  5. This is such a sad commentary on our American generation but LMFAO the entire audience is nothing but middle age women and what's more you can SEE them just SWEATING listening to him talk about his business

  6. Pause at 2:56 Every single one of them is smiling thinking about Colin's cock.
    I had a similar experience in high school when the girls were all coming in from hockey practice and my mate Steve pantsed me in front of them. They were all smiling too. Well, I say 'smiling', they were all laughing and shouting "You've got a tiny cock! You've got a tiny cock!"
    So I know how Colin feels…

  7. Colin is So Cute, Funny and SEXY! I Love him😭😭😭 콜린 κ·€μ—½κ³  웃기고 μ„Ήμ‹œν•˜κ³  혼자 닀함 μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš” μ½œλ¦°γ… γ… γ… 

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