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  1. No bedding….. policeman:I'm calling the detective because this is a odd situation.
    I know Chris wanted to crap his pants!!!!!! He is so mad at her friend,all that work he did for nothing!!!God had a part in this!!!

  2. The intro is mindblowing…I'm speechless. Crazy story. Fascinating and so tragic it makes me question what is real in this life. Who or what is Chris Watts?….Almost seemed like he was possessed but he premeditated it and still seems off when being questioned. Just a total disconnect from reality.

  3. Chris Watts is a sociopath he feels no guilt or shame for strangling his pregnant wife and smothering his two little girls Celeste and Bella. He is a sociopath because he showed no sign of guilt or shame during the victim statements, but he did show one emotion and that is anxiety when he tapped his leg on the floor. He will NEVER feel remorse for what he is done.

  4. I would wish someday the spirits of Shanann and two daughters will strangle Chris while he is asleep at prison for revenge. This way they can fully RIP. Instead Chris' spirit goes to world of living or heaven…….he goes straights to hell. If we ever find out Chris Watts dies at prison then we know its his wife and daughters.

  5. The witness impact statements are so powerful yet Chris Watts has zero regard for others so it falls on deaf ears, an empty soul…. He has nothing inside and won't mind spending his time in prison. He'll just gobble up the fan mail he'll get…. So so sick

  6. Some of the BEST investigative work I have seen and those interrogators? They need a RAISE!!! for cracking that man because Chris Watts is a severe covert narcissistic sociopath and NO ONE knew it. That's how good they are because their life revolves around creating a false reality to everyone around them. His mother is just as evil. The poor dad… Ronni, stuck in between and having to live with the reality his son is a monster. Anyway, this case was so so sad and certainly shocked the world. Glad I got out of my marriage before I suffered the same fate.

  7. OK, so they wrung a confession out of this guy, but does anybody know where Barack Obama was on the night the wife and kids disappeared? Just sayin'…

  8. Man … I should not have clicked this… Just can't get these little girls out of my head… can you even imagine? Guys .. please .. allow me one minute of your time; I am in my late 50s, been married for 37 year. It is not easy and anyone who tells you they never thought about leaving their wife is not being truthful. At least once in every 10 years I wanted to leave, but didn't. If you fall out of love with your wife, or just find someone else. Please be a man and do the right thing .. divorce her. You will always be a father to your children, nothing can change that. Live your life as a man, not a wuss.

  9. I was 2 seconds in and already crying. God bless this woman and her 2 beautiful children. This was a tragedy and one of the worst things I have ever heard.

  10. She made it so obvious he wasn't really a bad liar, I think she needed him to stress so the test would become easier for her.

    I don't agree with this method as it can actually provoke fear into people who are telling the truth.

    Very unprofessional.

  11. If Nichole sees this…I love her because she knew her friend like the back of her hand …she knew something wasn't right..she's a real one….R I.P to the beautiful souls that was lost.. including the unborn baby😘ND may the family of them find peace I don't know what your going thru but I know it hurts ..she would be so proud of how strong you all are..and especially Nichole for shinning light on the situation …ND to Chris please rot in that jail cell ..

  12. A wife, kids, baby on the way, a mistress and throw in his alleged male lover. Just imagine how those babies looked when they were pulled out of that tank and his pregnant wife after he threw her away too.

  13. Damn, I hope he pays in prison. But I hear crazy bitches are writing love letters to him. This guy deserves to be tortured. I don't believe in torture, but this guy is the exception.

  14. Omg my heart is broken so badly after hearing the layer talk about how that MF kill he own children!!! Maldito hijo de puta!! He just got a life sentence!!! Come onnnnnn for less some people get death penalty!! Not fair

  15. I was just recently attacked physically by my childs father. It wasnt the first time. But the worst time. When he went after my son (im also pregnant btw) i thought about this story. I vowed to my 4 yr old son and my unborn to never look back. There are signs. Not saying its her fault. Chronic cheating, manipulating, random outburst. Us women have to be wiser. Let people know whats going on inside. I feel very sorry this happened. If they didnt catch him hed be on the beach somewhere with his "lover". I too have been physically attacked because i found out about another woman, he wanted to keep under wraps. When he changes toward you, nine times out of 10 there is someone else. All his anger and agression will be towards you because he cant do what he wants to do. Anyways RIP to the babies. RIP to mommy shannon.

    He has no REAL remorse. He was happy they were gone. How did he not stop especially when his 4 yr old FOUGHT for her life. There was only one thing on his mind, his new woman and whatever she had between her legs.

  16. Everytime i see that little girl sing "Daddy is my hero" in the car, I cry. What drives someone to do that to his own children and of course his wife. Rest in hell Watts!

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