Chris Watts – Confession/No Footage Not From Neighbours Cam/The Whole Of The Drive Footage Is Faked

Chris Watts – Confession/No Footage Not From Neighbours Cam/The Whole Of The Drive Footage Is Faked

Chris Watts – Confession/No Footage Not From Neighbours Cam/The Whole Of The Drive Footage Is Fake/Faked/Counterfeit Who gave us the footage of the …


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  1. Footage is real, but if he confessed in a plea deal he would of had to give full story of how they were killed, So why did the DA say he loaded the bodies in court as fact.when in second confession this year it's different story.

  2. If You watch the video of the Polygraph, and than look at the transcript of it. You will find a lot of questions on the transcript as well as lies, but the were deleted from the video. Something on Chris's Video where He somewhat admits to what happened, but if you look at the transcript, again you will find questions and lies that were deleted from the video, the same thing with N.K. and I believe it's the one with Her Dad, if it's not that one, than its the one where She is flirting with Her Detective. You will see questions on the transcript and the lies to answer them. But if you watch the video, you will see where they are deleted. And either on Chris's transcript or N.K.'s transcript you will read where one of them through the other under the bus. I'm sorry I don't have the transcripts. But Someone who was reading it. Picked up on it right away, so did others who watched the Video's. Obviously if they are checking into possibly an accomplice, they are going to hold back certain information, that only the People involved would know. Originally when Chris pleaded guilty, they claimed there was a lot of yelling, and screaming, and Chris crying. When allegedly his Lawyers came to him with The D.A. Discovery. Someone said when Chris saw His and Nikki's copy of all Their text messages, was when Chris plead guilty, as long as the Death Penalty was taken off the table. Once they took that off the table, that's when They knew the Detective's didn't have all the answers. That's why N.K. was acting like She was working with them. How would Chris's Sister know what N.K. was up to. And when Chris was in the room with His Dad, and the phone or text went off. Chris says it real low, but he says something you have to contact her, or contact that Person. Also if you look carefully when Chris is saying to his Dad, She hurt them. He was giving his Dad a signal the way he was rubbing his finger on his nose. Watch that part, you will see His Dad start asking questions, trying to figure out what Chris was saying. Also back in September or October, Chris had His Lawyers, file a complaint asking the Judge to have a complete investigation into every Legal Dept. Fredrick's Police Dept. F.B.I. C.B.I. the Firemen who removed the Girls, Hazmat team, the Coroner, all the different People who did all kinds of test. Claiming some of the People who were working on the case was leaking information out to M.S.M. and especially to People Magazine, He named some other shows as well. He didn't complain about any of the alleged affairs. The Judge denied it. Stating He was not going to have all those Law Enforcement Agencies, and all the People who worked so hard on the case investigated. When Chris had no proof that any of them leaked any information. Especially when it was all over Internet Media. At the time Chris filed this complaint, He didn't have any access to any news, t.v. or newspapers, or magazines or computers. Someone on the outside told Chris what People's Magazine was printing. Who was the Person who allegedly got a lot of information from reading the Newspapers.. And who filed several complaints against several You Tubers ??? In Chris's interview in Feb. He said He tried to call his Dad once, and His Dad didn't understand how to accept the call. Chris claims that was the only time He tried to call anyone while He was waiting for His Sentencing Trial, other than His Lawyers. He also said His Lawyers went out to her house, and after the 5th time, She supposedly told them to leave her alone. The only mail the Jail is not allowed to open is legal mail. Remember the comment about unless if She is writing under an alias name ???

  3. Perhaps the report is badly written up? I think the camera turned off is CW's but the original notes are transcribed erroneously? Cws reaction says it all – his bowels instantly dropped out his ärse with fear when he saw that. I think the revisit with CW recently was the first of a few. The investigators know he's going to give mixture of more truth but still lies as he's still not really taking full responsibility in his own head. The shadows theory I do believe, however, this could not be submitted as evidence in court so they had to include that Q in the interview, if for nothing else for Shanaan's family xx

  4. Why did tammy ask cw about the gas can referencing the video, and he gave an answer… I'm confused. They have an entire conversation about the gas can which you see him loading. Are you saying that's not real? I'm lost

  5. Its very real but that camera doesn't record continuously, it only kicks on when it senses movement. You can set how sensitive you want it to be….most people don't want every little bird, squirrel, leaves blowing in the wind setting it off….also there can be a few seconds delay before it starts recording….leaving gaps and missing important details.

  6. You’re basing this on the edited ABC footage where he says – “the only thing I caught
    was him backing into the driveway” ?
    I’m sure at the time that’s all he thought he caught, as he didn’t catch Chris actually loading any bodies… BUT if you watch the original body cam video, from inside Nate’s house, you can clearly hear CW explain his back and forth trips to the truck, so more was caught than just him backing into the driveway.- I think you jumped the shark on this one. Sorry – I really like your videos… there are a lot of bad driveway videos where it’s on a loop and it looks like two people coming out of the garage but the kicker is the body cam video from inside of Nate’s house on the day of the murders.

    Can’t base your revelation on a 2 second snippet from an edited clip by highly unreliable ABC. Law enforcement has all of the original footage. YouTube is not a reliable source for the “original” footage either. I’m glad you’re attempting to dive deeper into the story, but your focus is on a distraction

  7. I hear your frustration! I haven’t got a clue what they’re playing at, maybe we are all being played! It’s the only thing that makes any sense IMO!! 😮😬😩🤔

  8. Nate was saying he didn't catch anything but Chris pulling in out the drive, meaning if anyone else pulled in there he would of seen it he was talking about another person that could of been responsible for their disappearance pulling in the drive but all he caught was Chris it may react to motion. His footage is how they knew Chris was the only one that had the opportunity.

  9. So what’s your theory? Shannan killed herself, and her ghost was driving around murdering her kids and driving them to her husbands work site, before burying herself? There’s video, it’s clear it’s him, walking back and forth, and he’s confessed. Case closed.

  10. What r u talking about, Im confused, it's the same footage they showed officer Coonrod the first day when N.A. was at her house and called for a wellness check could Nate have cameras in the back he said was turned off. The detectives even ask him questions that came directly from this video and he explained. U can expect a certain amount of miscommunication and if u discect things too much your sure to find it, dosent mean it changes anything. Only Hollywood has the money and expertise to fake things that good not small town D.A.'s in Colorado or any other states.

  11. The other site is claiming today that the drive footage WAS real, it’s just that authorities didn’t want more ppl, especially with good camera skills taking it apart/finding out. This is important to know if in the future they’ll manipulate footage or not! With this social media era, and us all wit phones for recording events as proof, will cops have IT experts tampering!

  12. Hey!! “Not in a disorganized, hasty way”?? Ok that specific televised statement, + Frankie saying they were taken out, as if “trash”, meant SW’s fam was made privy to info the rest of us aren’t!! CW was allowed to keep things under wraps, in exchange for guilty plea? Think there WAS footage, but they didn’t want more finding/discovering like you n a few others did? Please keep updating on new info!

  13. I think you have gone off the rockers lol They wanted all the info they could get so they played "dumb" , the same reason they were so nice to him from day 1 despite absolutely hating his guts. The part that I think was fake was Frank Jr saying he saw him drag them out like trash, when it was only Shannan's that was dead at the time. Remember that during his sentencing they did not have a confession so they put together the most "likely" story. You can see him drag shannan out, it is as clear as day – it was the children that was the mystery, and now we know that shadow under the truck was indeed one of the girls alive 🙁

  14. DURING the initial interview is when the neighbor called over the police officer and Watts. And during that first viewing is when Watts about shat himself. If the neighbor came forward with the footage days later, I could understand some questioning of its authenticity/validity but given the timing of its disclosure, I don't think there can be any dispute as to the authenticity of the neighbor's cam footage. In the later broadcast interview, the neighbor was referring to not seeing any people other than Chris, i.e. he did not see Shanann or 'an accomplice.' To me the only point the footage leaves unclear is whether Bella was the only one still alive as Watts readied for the journey to the oil tanks, since we see only one figure other than Watts' moving around the truck.

  15. There is one important thing that got my attention. "CW's father said that his son read the entire Bible and that he can quote every verse of it, this dirty man CW said that while killing Shannan, he thought she prayed to God and she said" oh God, forgive him because he don't know what he's doing ”. As a resultat of that, he gets so many love letters now plus gets sympathy / empathy from many religious people who think he has found God … The FBI and the CBI have given him this opportunity in the spotlight. I just wish if they themselves go out with information on a national television and say that everything CW said on this interview was false and not true. Ohhh Lord, I just hate this man😡😡😡 I hate the whole thing..😩😩

  16. I thought it said in the autopsy report that the girls were smothered and now saying strangled? Did the press release that the DA did even come out with any truth? They got the girls wrong at the truck, another person at the scene and the red car that hasn’t been mentioned at all and “we” didn’t get all of nk’s calls n texts, so why is there 200 pages missing?

  17. I can't stop thinking about what you said about the neighbor's camera and CW truck etc. What if the case is that CW has murdered the girls first before Shanann came home, then he attacked her before she even discovered anything. He lied about it so we can think that nothing was planned ??? He let us believe he just flipped out, it was just rage and he didn't know what to do afterwards? .. I think and it is my opinion that he loaded on the bodies and no one was alive. We should speculate all the time without knowing what really happened for real.

  18. I can see the shadows beneath the car but it is confusing. I can see one shadowy outline that could be a child's head. But the clincher is that Chris says in this new interview that he told the same version to his lawyers in Sept. So they only have to get that info from the defence lawyers to confirm this new story.

  19. I always said that Karen, they believed children were not alive. But are just going by CW confession as can not confirm either way. I am convinced they were murdered at home 😢 just so very sad

  20. Catch these people its a big sysop and you can do so mush to catch this and show it to people. if this man has picked up this with the phone and the officer and Chris Watts you can find more. because I Had my doubts and now since the interview and how nice the officers have been o Chris Watts I don't believe any of this its a sysop

  21. please watch Mindfulness he show from the beginning how fake it is I had a feeling it was a sysop the only true new s are people like you that Cath these fake news

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