29 Replies to “Celeb Assistant Confessions You Need To Hear To Believe”

  1. ok let me assure you guys the Stiller one is true. He's a POS. He lost a stupid expensive watch and kept everyone overtime until THREE IN THE MORNING in NYC looking for it (turned out he had it in his pocket or something.) He also travelled with his own makeup artist and crew for some weird reason. He is really such a jerk, please don't go watch his stupid movies which suck anyway.

  2. Yeh I would love to get a job for one of these pitiful ass hats, do something I was not supposed to so I could unleash MY Italian Princess ass on THEM! Lol It is sad that we Allllll start out the same in this world but some as they grow seem to think they are somehow better than everyone else. I prefer to surround myself with good people, with genuine hearts. Typically those who don't have much are the people that are who they are. I just can't believe the moronic behavior of these kooks in "Crazywood' . Thank goodness for Karma .

  3. Yea they're all "former" staff. Even if this stuff is true. You are being hired to cater to the demands of someone. That is literally the job you are being PAID for. If you care so much about your "dignity" maybe being a personal assistant/professional doormat isn't for you. As long as you're not being seriously abused or mistreated I don't think any of these are actual issues. Rude? Strange? Maybe. P/S: For the Charlize Theron one. I don't have to have meaningless interactions just to be social or polite with my boss and still get paid? Best job ever. Plus half the people bitching here, if they had the money they would probably be doing some strange shit that isn't someone else's cup of tea sips tea

  4. Charlize Theron is the worse out of all of the people in this list, the other ones were just odd maybe just trying to be "eccentric", but she is just a bitch with superiority complex. And I don't say it because of what is mentioned in the list but because of other stories about her, she's awful even with other celebrities and fans, and apparently she smells horrible, like wet dog and cigarettes. Gross.

  5. No shit. Lol
    The worst, Theron. Reading others people's private info. What a bitch. I guess Tom was right, she is a Class A Bitch, just as she was on the set of Mad max. When she's upset she takes it out on everyone around her. Stone cold bitch. Hope you read this Charlize. Wow the list of celebrities that I will actually watch is getting smaller and smaller. Eh Reese….obviously you think you're more important that DUI laws. What if you had killed someone? Jails aren't nice to celebrities I hear.

  6. The madam thing I get especially if its staff you dont know all that well, its still your boss and a professional relationship. If its been a few years or a year or so and your comfortable with this person its more acceptable.

  7. Wow entitled celebrities. It is crazy. I would be like SERIOUSLY I'm caring for for your children and I'm not ALLOWED to look or speak to you even about them. Wow I guess her time dating Sean Penn really rubbed off. And Kortney demanded that her staff calls her Madame. I think as I left her house the last day I would of said kiss my ass Madame jackass. And I guess Ben Stillers not wanting to have wet hands before you go to shake someone's hand makes sense. He seems ridicules. I would be like you never specified a actual glass glass of tea was wanted. Really dump it into the GLASS YOURSELF. UGH!!!SMH!!!

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