47 Replies to “Cast Confessions Facts of Life”

  1. What's the big deal about wearing short shorts and tight jeans? Teens did even 10-12 years ago. Even now. Why are people so uptight about it? There are worse things.

  2. wasnt Mindy a lot bigger? why were they picking on Lisa about weight so much? O.o not likes it nice to pick on anyone for their weight and thats Hollywood for you but still that sounds kind of confusing.

  3. isn't it mad to pull a show 1st season.when u look back every show starts off rough in the 1st season or two. even Seinfeld was ready to fail.night court was rough. cheers the cast hadn't fell into the roles. so many hits were bad from the start.and at the end they were epic hits that the network would throw millions for ppl to stay.

  4. I love watching old tv shows. I grew up on save by the bell mom possible Lilo & Stitch the facts of life golden girls brady bunch. I remember every character on all my fav shows growing up. My fav characters on the facts of life are Lisa, Natalie, miss Garrett and toodie.

  5. just because youre a christian that means you cant even have your fictional character lose her virginity or even put that character in an episode about a different fictional character losing her virginity? thats really fucking uptight, goddamn

  6. I am so happy there were NO gay scenes or LGBTQ+ agenda going on in this show as you see so much of today. There were more moral and innocent times in the 70s and 80s thankfully!

  7. Jo was definitely my favorite and always the object of my interest and she was the beginning of my love of brunettes. She's the reason I even watched the show 😍😍😍

  8. I recently discovered that there was a tv show pilot (it never aired anything other than that first pilot presentation) called Co-Ed Fever… check it out.  Season one of Facts of Life definitely inherited that show's set. You can find the opening credits on youtube…  also one of the students on that show was played by Alexa Kenin (Jo's friend Jessie on Facts of Life)

  9. Blare is gonna lose her virginity? I'm in…….and out and in and out and in. 16 seconds later, I'm done. What happen to "Joe" Nancy Mckeon. She was hot. Well good luck to all these girls. It's been over 35 years. WOW! I remember watching reruns in the early 70's of a young (Charlotte Rae) playing the house wife Silvia Schnauzer of Leo Schnauzer (Al Lewis) in car 54 where are you. A comedy show back in the early 60's. Good Bless All and thanks for the shows.

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