37 Replies to “Car Ride Confessions – Part 1”

  1. Lenny has some serious mental problems if he thinks god lets kids die when Hitler kills millions for example. Still like him except for his mental problems.

  2. Lenny you are 100000 % right on 99%of those labels are a bunch of bull skat 1% right messing kids up for life. Not to mention a bunch of COOKIE CUTTERS making millions off the lies and deception

  3. I could listen to Lenny and Brad all day. My only wish is that Brad is able to finally knock some sense into Lenny about the religious and god stuff. With all of evidence we have, it is pretty clear and obvious that there is no god So….other than the god stuff, Lenny speaks the truth.

  4. Better get that bubble gut MRI done while Lenny is in the hospital and save his life. That stomach can go back to healthy with proper health care. STOP SHOOTING DRUGS IN UR STOMACH PLZ!

  5. Brad what about the video where u massage Lenny's load into ur beard and call it magic beard freshener? Are u going to release that one soon or what u closet delray gaylord hhahahahaaa

  6. Been watching these vids for a while but never commented. Two quick thoughts: you're all quite entertaining, but also quite deep thinkers. Lenny really surprised me with his insight toward the end of the video. Second, and more importantly, I see all sorts of inane comments speculating as to the etiology of Lenny's distended abdomen. It's absolutely, 100% clear that he has ascites secondary to cirrhosis of the liver. He has just about ALL the pathognomonic signs that any first year medical student could tell you… ascites, jaundice, caput medusae, gynecomastia (although that is likely exacerbated by his steroid use as well), etc. I guarantee that if he went to see a hepatologist and had a paracentesis they would take out 6-7 liters of fluid (at least) from his abdomen over the course of an hour and all speculation would end. Please encourage him to be treated for his liver failure before he dies. I'm sure he needs a liver transplant at this point to survive. You guys should get him the help he needs.

  7. How can you be friend with Janoy Crevesa and not believe add, ocd, and other mental disorders? Im telling ya Lenny is a cookie cutter moron!!

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