9 Replies to “Can’t You Control Her – DiVoRcEd MgToW LiVe”

  1. Pinays are very good in doing long term shows and in building scenarios. Still any guy that believes they do love him is going to end up terribly hurt and broke. I've noticed they have no empathy. No obvious feelings of guilt or remorse.
    There is no race of people more illogical, dishonest, lazy, zero common sense, dumb and self defeating. They will rip you off without a second thought. Yes, there are dishonest people everywhere…but in the Philippines it's part of the culture; seemingly brought on by poverty and LOW morals/values.

  2. Asian women are good at playing up their UNIVERSAL FEMALE APPEAL to non-Asian men. Old and lonely white men never had the chance when they encounter these desperate and cunning Asian women.

    First, Asian women tug at White men's hearts by appealing to their savior complex. The women play up the Asian women victim-status, popularized in western media, at the hand of the oppressive Asian men and Asian culture. Second, the women tug at White men's ego by degrading, demeaning and mocking Asian men' manhood. Asian women are the only group of women on earth that openly mock their men, even the lowly whores among them; female porn stars or prostitutes are absolutely assured with their superiority complex over their men that they openly tell the rest of the world through social media, movies, television and print media how they are appalled by Asian men. Lastly, they appeal to White men's libido by overly sexualized themselves and by playing the submissive Asian girlfriend/wife roles to appeal to the primal need of men to sexually dominate women.

    I somewhat feel bad for these men who have been sucked dried emotionally and financially by Asian women. On the other hand, the men who were victims were also delusional to have believed that their White skin privilege (promoted by Hollywood) was going to trump their inadequacies. In my view, they are almost volunteered victims to these cunning and heartless women.

  3. Your x sound pretty bad Philippino divorce cant have except annulment a long process . There stats would show they don't end up 50% in divorce like here. I say you got the bad 50% Philippino like i did one marriage

  4. You're a prime example of why you don't bring the Philippine wife to the US. Keep them in the PI, if they act up, get rid of them and get another. In the US there are too many prospects for them , they will dump you when something better comes along.

  5. Terry thanks for the information. I was interested in retirement in the Philippines, don't want to mess with this crap. My American wife did this to me years ago. She was not a Filipina. Once burned is enough. God Bless you.

  6. ok here's the deal. if you want to retire there, great go for it, that is what i am doing. i never considered bringing my girl here. she waited for six years. find a provincial good catholic girl, preferably with her parents in the great beyond. she should have a degree and no children. i did it so can you.

  7. I agree with you Almost impossible to check a woman like that. I BEEN through that with a couple of girlfeinds LOL and wives. Its even tougher now on the guy with the laws and the police.
    Have a good night Single Guy.

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