Bryson Tiller Type Beat 2017 – Confessions Interlude | Rnb Instrumental | 25 x Trappie Chan

Bryson Tiller Type Beat 2017 – Confessions Interlude | Rnb Instrumental | 25 x Trappie Chan

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24 Replies to “Bryson Tiller Type Beat 2017 – Confessions Interlude | Rnb Instrumental | 25 x Trappie Chan”

  1. Do que adianta lamentar, se tudo passa, passa, a visão embaça, quebramos as taças, acabo o estoque de vinho, agora me encontro sozinho, antes era fodasse os vizinhos, grita mrm, geme mrm, hj ate eles me perguntam cadê ela? Mudança de atmosfera, quem dera , eu poder viajar pra outro canto, outro lugar, outra vida encontrar, aí quem dera, o amor eh algo supremo, sagrado, n te cobra algo em troca, ele eh o agrado. Porém pode vir disfarçado, tome cuidado, olhe pra quem ter quer bem. sem ninguém não fico, meu quarto sonoridade pra outros gemidos, corpos vazios não satisfazem porém eh oq prefiro, dando um tempo no mundo e me tornando mais frio, mudança de ciclo, sigo, ela me retorna na dm, os retwetd se tornaram as indiretas mais diretas q eu tenho, obtenho corações e elas obtém meu corpo, perigoso, ansioso para meu próximo dano, mundano,

  2. Okay, so I been thinkin about this girl I met back in August so damn much. And last night, I told her directly from the heart how I was feeling. She called me sweet and cool, and said she just came out've a 3 Year Relationship and how she doesn't know if she can date for a while. That night, I poured out everything I was feeling and how I thought of her, while listening to Take Care by Drake, and skyping with my friend. I will never forget that night.
    I was planning on making tracks on my Laptop and posting them on SoundCloud, and wanted something like this to be one of them. I'm planning on getting an R&B beat and calling it, the "tuesday night interlude", to never forget the day, the girl I couldn't stop thinking about, I can finally sleep at night again.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, email me Thank You. I look forward to meeting you and possibly using this beat.

  3. Life is blessing
    If you fuck up one time, you better attention
    If you fuck two chicks then they better be some lesbians
    If you drinking to this it better be Bacardi I'm At the party feeling like im on a cloud
    I dont smoke but im high off the loud cute thick girl next to me what a beautiful smile
    Im shy but she sees me turing around
    Thats when i got aroused
    Turned left side right then up side down
    Cuase now, we escaped it ain't no telling my confessions. – E

  4. I say this real shyt like da mud fukin greatest girl do u want me or u juz want da paper im juz sayin babygirl i got tyme 2 b Waitin wasting tyme on uh waste of time love me or u hate me u been acting up gettin real irratated throwin blows at cha boii even doe it aint maker sum body tell this girl dat i think i need ah baker if u fukin wit a nigga like me imma take her no replacer talm bout keke in da makin shawty talm bout takin this ah tru story of my life in da makin all this lustin n diss faking shawty been misplaced cause she went baq 2 her ex in she thought i wasnt thinkin tell me wtf drinkin bby gir bby girl bbygirl babygirl tell me wtf u drinkin damn shit fuckup its crazy

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