1. you demon spirit be disconnected be disconnected you evil spirit I command you out out out in my life you demon spirit I no you are a killed be break through be disconnected in in Jesus name a men a men a men

  2. Very happy for the deliverance of this young boy Seńor T B Joshua help me to pray for my salvation of my Soul and my deliverance too. I'm not in in my native country I don't see an opening for my life if I'm not die and I don't want to kill myself help me to pray to save my soul and my loving son Mc Neil.in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST Amen and amen. .BOBBY GEDEON

  3. Amen gloria a Dios Aleluya aquí estamos viendo y alerta escuchando el testimonio de Dios amen profeta tv Joshua en scoan desde estados unidos grand island Nebrazka

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