39 Replies to “Being A Ladyboy (Trans Woman) In Thailand | ASIAN BOSS”

  1. From our research, the term "ladyboy" is a popular term used to describe transgender women in Thailand. Here at Asian Boss, we strive to provide the most authentic insight from Asia and in doing so, won't impose Western ideals of political correctness on terms that many locals, including our interviewee, don't find offensive.

  2. Im a woman myself, but I really respect transgender as they are much more better than real women themselves. I have lots of friends who transgender since im young and i love them more. They are really one patience and strong people.

  3. at a very young age of 3 she already played dress-up nuff said she really should've been a girl in the first place this world is really unfair

  4. Interesting! Who knew all the hassle with surgeries etc, and interesting she still sees herself as transgender, I would consider her a woman all the way tbh. She's a cutie! Great interview.

  5. I feel like trans / intersex people should not feel they ought to fit into the binary male or female categorization. I like terms like ladyboy in that it unabashedly captures this idea. They are here in this world to bridge the gap between male and female and it is a beautiful thing.

  6. You're a true inspiration, girl! I admire your beauty, inside and out, courage, decency and kindness! Keep doing what you do and dont care about envious people! You're amazing! God bless you ❤

  7. Of course these trannies and most all of Thailand are immoral, they have no standards to know this is wrong. One thing most of these guys know is how to fight Muay Thai so you best not mess with them unless you are well trained. I would never go to a disgusting place like Thailand as my first gf was Thai and she was a nut case and I couldn't stand her harsh tone of voice as their language is irritating. It is not only the West that find these guys disgusting, it is most of the world. You can have Thailand, it has NOTHING.

  8. She is a very strong person and has kindness in her heart. I wont judge what she did was right or wrong but she definitely earn my respect. I wish you all the best in your future.

  9. A very interesting interview. The world has improved it's view on transgender and sexual orientation with a greater open and tolerant view. This is due to education and open discussion. It is good to see the old taboos being set aside on this and many other subjects. The world is s better place for it. Thank you for posting.

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