ASMR Voice: Closet Confessions [M4M] [Comfort for coming out] [Comfort for coping with hate crimes]

ASMR Voice: Closet Confessions [M4M] [Comfort for coming out] [Comfort for coping with hate crimes]

People are hating you for who you are? Not on my watch. ~~~ Written by Cait Cher Recorded by CardlinAudio Graphic design by AirSydney …


50 Replies to “ASMR Voice: Closet Confessions [M4M] [Comfort for coming out] [Comfort for coping with hate crimes]”

  1. Dear: @CardlinAudio,
    Hi i'm Lam and if i have not said this before in my other comments then here it goes, i really love all your work and all the amazing things that you do, your nice, sweet. and you go for miles to make amazing video for people like me….and that mean everything to me…i might have people who care but they will never really understand my pain and my suffering, and your videos just mean the world to me…..and sorry for the useless comment…but still thank you so very much
    -Little Lam~

  2. Most people: I'm going to find a intelligent way to tell those I care about that I'm gay
    Me: *walks up to friends* hey guys guess what I'm a fucking FAGGOT
    Friend: I don't care
    Other friend: ok… we already knew you had the big gay

  3. Do you think you could do one on comfort for not getting justice for sexual assault/rape? If you can’t it’s fine. Also your audios really help with my anxiety♥️

  4. My boyfriend, ex now, made me come out yesterday. He was super angry with me, he didn’t accept me and he was enraged. He said he could never trust me again, that he can’t ever believe me. It broke my heart, the person I loved the most rejected me. Tossed me out. He said I broke his heart. He made fun of me for being bisexual. He called me mentally retarded and I just. It hurts, so much. It hurts so f*cking much. Now I’m scared to come out to anyone. Since I’m bisexual he doesn’t even believe I’m a girl anymore. He asked if we wanted to have a threesome since I like girls. He said he would have to worry about guys and girls trying to get with me. I’ve never done anything like that and it broke my heart that he thinks I’m different because of my sexuality.

  5. I need another part of this where cardibear and male listener are being cute and fluffy and hhh i need that happiness in my life lmao (btw, listening as a trans ftm guy during a really bad mental health rut and your videos cheer me up so much)

  6. Me-sexual. I love that. As somebody trying to figure out herself on the sexuality/romance scale and trying to accept the ambiguity and not knowing, me-sexual seems like the perfect label.

    These are great, by the way. Thanks for everything you do. 🙂

  7. I’m apart of the LGBT community and hate crimes I actually deal with a lot. Even my family called me a fag at first now I just don’t really see them. Thank you so much for this!!

  8. Even though I don't get abused and neither my friends do(I hope or else their abusers are going to have their asses kicked). But, we are all scared to come out to our parents. Funny thing is the whole school knows our sexualities.

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