30 Replies to “Alex Aiono & William Singe – Black Beatles, Confessions, & No Problem Reaction”

  1. Hi guys just joined. Great reactionsl At the end of the rap they say there tribes name. 2 boys from Ngati Porou. Its said like this. 1st word Nah T 2nd word Poor Row as in row your boat.. You roll the 2 rs in the middle.ie rrrrr The tribe is in New Zealandl The people are Maori

  2. react to baekhyun and chen – really I didn't know …..on immortal songs too
    You can find the live performance on youtube and btw it's in korean but I think there videos with english subtitles too. anyway u should watch it, their voices are so fine

  3. Why are there so many channels that do this same shit? Literally watching a video of people watching a video lmfao. Probably the most un-original thing I've ever seen. How do these channels get so many views and subscribers? I seriously don't understand.

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