27 Replies to “about our marriage..”

  1. This is the biggest load of fucken crap I've ever come across. I've just read the Wikipedia info on this clown and watch maybe 10/12 videos. How the fuck can people in the millions watch this shit??? The people of this world are fucken cooked..!!!
    Has this clown got a job? I never thought I'd see the day that "absolute – senseless – mind numbing – nothingness" could draw an audience. I'm speechless.

  2. Be a little more possesive about your wife . Nd your wife should be double possesive about you . Imply this formulae and you two would be forever united in the sacred thread of marraige . Bhagwan ashish barsaye tum dono ke aur tumahre bachho ke upar . GOD bless Amen . ?

  3. Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Geez!!! and in the beginning of the vid he had just bought some new sneakers to run in and had to break them in n a little later he's out buying yet another pair. Feel sorry for the guy!! Never mind thousands of people in this world would love to just have ONE PAIR of brand new shoes!!!!! Sad actually to have money to BURN like that when you really have no life other than buying, shopping, traveling etc… sounds like no focus if you ask me! Why do I even end up here on these vids? Cause it seems they're everywhere on Y.T. that's why! 🙁 … I'd like to have a pair of sneakers just to RUN from this vids!! Sorry Casey not into your "materialistic world of luxury" while I'm out here struggling just to find a dollar a day to get something to eat and pray my old jeans don't go thread bare by the next day.

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