28 Replies to “52: Confessions of An Islamophobe—Robert Spencer”

  1. Absolutely brilliant as usual Robert Spencer is the sage and intellect on Islamic Muslim Sharia law. Robert Spencer has his own phds in the study of Islam he knows more about Islam then Muslim Islamic clerics; that's why they fear him so much and that's why they wanted to destroy him thanks Patrick for having him on, enjoyed the show immensely.

  2. I've seen Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam by Mr. Spencer in my family's Protestant church's library, but not in my own Catholic Church's library. No, it's too crowded with social justice flyers and the latest milktoast Kelly book!!! Keep fighting the good fight! All I can do is write strongly worded letters to the dioscese newspaper and the parish office.

  3. The idea is to destroy Christianity. The southern poverty center like Muslim because it cause civil changes toward the left revolution.
    The machine goes this way : some will like Muslims so you get more into you country, then other will be against it and it will finish in civil war and a revolution.
    Feminist/LBGT and the others are working on the side of the destruction of the tradition and the Church….

    Tradition is a male thing, destroying the patriarchy is destroying the roots of the western civilization

  4. Robert Spencer has been banned from Britain because his views are deemed a threat to "social harmony" in Britain (words of Theresa May herself). Britain is going to experience a lot of social disharmony in the future whether Robert Spencer is banned from going there or not. The followers of sharia law in Britain are not going to give up their desire to impose sharia law on the entire country simply because doing so might disrupt "social harmony." They will never give up their desire to impose sharia law; given that sharia is barbaric, it is going bring and to the phony current "social harmony" which is simply an ostrich putting its head in a hole.

  5. The Nazi movement was so intertwined with Catholicism – as all other offshoots of European fascism – to call it a non-Christian movement is to engage in historical revisionism. As any other religious apologetic, he is a Christian after all, Spencer is lying when he wants to shove Nazis off to atheism.

  6. You are more than welcome in Britain that pathetic bitch Theresa May by no means speaks for the British people she is a another pathetic Islamic sympathizer she needs to go.

  7. Islamaphobia does not exist. To be repulsed by something offensive, is actually a very rational thing. Along with racist, the word was created by globalist media and puppets, to stifle and shut down opposition to people whi wish to defend their national sovereignty.

  8. Patrick, you can't fix perfect. Islam teaches that the Qur'an is eternal and was in paradise with Allah BEFORE creation. Therefore, neither the Qur'an nor Hadiths can be "reformed". You can't reform perfect.

  9. Patrick, there is only ONE Islam. And it encompasses only Qur'an and Muhammad. One cannot judge Islam by the thoughts and actions of individual Muslims. We can only judge Islam by the Book and the Man.

  10. Excellent information. I think that a lot of muslims never question their religion because it also takes so much time to study & listen to these lectures. They have always been “spoon fed”, why should they start now?

  11. SPLC a jewish organization (money making scam) that sticks up for real terrorists, real racists like muslim jihadi's and they have the nerve to call ppl like Spencer a racist.

  12. I have to correct Patrick Coffin. There isn't "many forms of Islam". There are people who follow it to varying degrees but the Koran, The Hadith and the example of Mohammad is the one and only Islam. I thank God that most 'Muslims' don't follow it. I think by the way that Robert Spencer is a very brave and honest man.

  13. Waris was clitorectomied when she was 5 ; she passed out from the pain. When she came to she saw that the rock which she was held down on by her mother was complete;ly drenched in blood.

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