41 Replies to “16 People Who KILLED THEIR CAREERS In Seconds!”

  1. Katt Williams is one of the kings of comedy. Its mostly just hellywood and the mainstream bashing him and theres a reason for that. Katt is still a legend.

  2. This is a rather inaccurate list anyway (sorry Tempt). Aside from possibly Pee Wee Herman (and DID it take literally seconds for HIM to be caught?) and Micheal Richards just about none of these people self-destructed "in seconds"—and Lowe still has at least something of a career.

    Someone who might be on list, but isn't largely due to the fact that she pretty much wacked her career before she became really well known and isn't remembered by too many, is the 70's pioneer female Jockey Mary Bacon. This woman would have gone on to become a household name and would be revered as one of the true pioneering greats for her gender in her sport. She had done Playboy and had a huge contract with Revlon and certainly would have gotten other endorsements and done much more modeling. However—Bacon ended up shooting herself in the head in 1991 with less people than a handful of people knowing who she was upon her death, other than family members. Other than Hernandez, none of the stories on this list are as tragic and sad as hers.

    Yet, very few people today would sympathize with Mary. The incident which lead to her downfall was a quite short speech (which likely LITERATELY took seconds) at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Walker, La. in April 1975 with her spewing particularly ugly and hateful racist rhetoric.

  3. That's why women shouldn't marry violent sportsmen because when they get frustrated they use women as punching bags. And women who are already married to these hard-core sportsmen, boxers, footballers and so on, shouldn't cheat on them. They will kill their women in seconds. Take an example of O.J. Simpson and Robert Johnson, etc. They can't take women's bullshit.

  4. as far as the world was concerned ,nobody gave a shit what Mel Gibson said. Hollywood and Media,please don't speak for us….We love and supported Mel Gibson regardless of how much you tried to brainwash us not to.

  5. 80 % of these could have been avoided by a good pr manager or simply more discrete behavior cause again 80 % of celebrities are doing it … most of it anyway
    Not condoning anything but it is what it is. Other celebs get away with it every day.

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