34 Replies to “13 Secret Ride-Share Confessions”

  1. I once did a ride share, and the guy subscribed to my YouTube channel. So I convinced a stranger to subscribe to my channel, can I convince you to subscribe just from this comment alone? I really hope you say yes

  2. Whisper is a place for pedophiles and horny losers. The purpose of the app is great but it's misused by nearly everyone. I'm under 18 and I've had men asking me for the most disgusting things on it.

  3. Sorry to interrupt your scrolling but I just wanted to say I hope you're having a fabulous day, from a lil Irish YouTuber ☘️
    I just uploaded 'The Best Friend Tag' if you wanna take a look and leave some feedback!!
    I'd appreciate it so much and ask you can laugh at our accents 🤗☘️

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