29 Replies to “11 Marriage Proposal Confessions”

  1. Love hurts and Wen I look at a man I can't love him and I can't feel happy about him, even when I look at a woman if I was with her I'd hurt her if ruin her, I'm the person who can't love, I don't know what it is like and I don't want to know, I'm independent, I like it that way, so I'll always be the girl who can't love

  2. I find it so selfish when females want to get a "best" proposal ever and expect a huge expensive diamond ugh why don't you propose him if you don't like the way he proposed you

  3. When I was younger, the thought of having anything less than a perfect proposal would make me cry. I think it had a lot to do with my boyfriend at the time. I cared more about how we looked than how he made me feel. With my current boyfriend, if he ever proposes to me, it would be perfect even if it's "less than perfect" because I know for a fact that I love him.

  4. I feel very excited by the percentage of girls in comments who don't wanna marry?? Whereas marriage is totally profitable for girls and hellhole for boys.

    Carry on the spirit girls.??

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