45 Replies to “10 Things Women Don’t Realize About Men”

  1. quote from my my big fat greek wedding: men are the head women are the neck lol. Im getting married and he proposed after living together for 2 years xxx 2 weeks til the wedding

  2. Yah I agree women choose us, men have to learn to know which girls like them and how much then they carry the cards. Women want to be picked up but they sure do reject a lot of guys,,

  3. Something that i feel is missing here, is that we guys love to be complimented.
    Its often shocking to women how little in the way of compliments guys actually get, and making a man feel good about himself is a great way to endear him to you, or at least get on his good side. And unless he is some kind of Adonis, he will remember the compliment for a surprising amount of time!
    So don't worry about it being creepy as it often can be when a guy compliments a girl, it's so unusual I guarantee he isn't sick of it.
    So at worst, you spread some positivity, and that can't really be that bad.

    Also, some of us do overanalyze stuff haha

  4. I know this might be considered anecdotal, but I really don’t care about what products I use to freshen up. Of course I have a preference towards male products, but I usually use what’s on hand, and if anything I really am not digging into my girlfriends beauty products and taking spa like baths or whatever. I really just care about the basics of being clean and smelling good, that’s it. So yes I do think that last point was definitely off the mark, but who knows, maybe I’m the weird one.

  5. Not all men want to be married after 3 years.. it's not about commitment issues but more legal reasons.
    Women not only have all the power in the dating world but they also have all the power in the family courts.

    For men.. specially those with money it's a big risk to legally bind yourself to someone who can take most of it away from you on a whim.
    3 years is not a long time.. specially for men to figure out how invested a girl is in them.
    We're very paranoid and defensive creatures.. it takes more than being told we're loved and trusted to make us truly feel loved and trusted.. and until we feel that we tend to not want to take big legal risks on marriage.

    You are correct about the long term though.. aside from players who every woman should learn how to spot.. men who want a relationship always invest heavily into each one they enter.. when we want a relationship.. from the day one starts we're planning to make it last for life.. so what's 3 years compared to 10.. or 20?
    Like I said.. it's nothing.
    Men are generally in no rush to be married.. and since they are almost always the ones expected to pop the question then you just have to be patient and trust that he will one day.. and he'll have no reason not to if you continue to prove he's the only one for you.

  6. Just remember a mans love is true, and as dependable as stone, however unfortunately a woman’s love is an act and as dependable as eggshells. This is why women instigate most divorces. Watch out men, there measuring you up and trying to change you into someone your not, and they’ll kick you to the kerb when their done.

  7. Lol, never bought a candle or been to the spa. A good day ends by washing the blood sweat and grease off in the shower and a good day starts by getting sweaty, greasy and bloody. No room for scented candles or manicures.

  8. So much wrong with this video. "Man are natural fixers….." "Don't be offended about whatever they spend all their time viewing online in their spare time." Assuming that every women spends her money on self help books to find a relationship. Also that females sabotage the relationship by their own insercuties. And so much worse. I encourage any female here to watch Derrick Jaxn videos instead.

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