42 Replies to “10 Shocking CONFESSIONS of SOLDIERS in the Military”

  1. Yes the F-35 Lightning is expensive, but it is also designed to replace the A10, F-16, F/A-18, and the AV-8B; which have the combined cost of 96.6 million dollars per unit. this means that the plane would save 11.6 million dollars per plane, overall not a bad price considering the roles that this plane would occupy.

  2. A bit strange though referring to the Norway SpecOps while actually showing at 2:51an Israeli Karakal Unit known for its highly trained women fighters in the IDF. Just wanted to point it out for you. Thanks for the great vid anyway!!!

  3. Russians shoot each other not only in army but everywhere..schools, theaters, libraries, opera houses..they even don't use plate carriers, because they are very expensive..
    Greetings from Rus! =)

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