42 Replies to “10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers”

  1. If I won the lottery I will go as far as having a girlfriend not a wife, not even having a kid. Second I will only limit my girlfriend a $1000 spend a month, because let's say I won the lottery and bought a huge house and had a kid and a few cars, you know yourself that once you get married the lady is more likely to take everything and I mean everything

  2. I find it interesting that he got booted out of being an owner of a team over black comments when you've got these black athletes insulting the United States of America by kneeling when the pledges said seems to be a set of double standards I'm 54 and appears to me that blacks want a set of special rules that apply to them so they can do what they want you know what that isn't going to work whether you think so or not it won't.

  3. Anna Nicole had a daughter, not a son. Also Heidi Klum has a daughter with Favio Briatore, not a son. And she was never married him either. Fact checking is super easy. I know it is fast becoming a thing of the past but seriously, homework needs to be done.

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