45 Replies to “10 Most SHOCKING Whisper Confessions”

  1. I was on whisper. I was talking to this slut who said "We know you're jealous of me and my boyfriends wealth and looks." She messaged me. And ended admitting to fucking her drug dealer for cocaine.

  2. her husband's best friend walked in and joined but she didn't mind.??? So if you're that naughty minded why you tell this confession instead of GOOD MEMORIES??????

  3. I once saw this confession on Whisper that said when his girlfriend was younger someone raped her and when they have sex he always made sure he is gentle with her. She told him that she is never afraid when he's with her and it brought a tear to the boyfriend's eye. One of the sweetest confessions I ever seen.

  4. I also would like to tell everyone about this horrible crap you put out and decided to try to pass off as entertainment, but it would drum up traffic for your garbage channel.

  5. OMFG TALKO, REALLY? when the video gets to 1:42, it shows a confession that says "As a rape survivor, part of me is scared to lose weight and become attractive again", then the picture it shows directly afterward is a blonde attractive girl pouting with the caption "It's not fair", as if this poor woman's struggle is just a case of her whining. WTG in being horrible TALKO!

    There are absolutely TONS of other top 5 and top 10 channels I can watch that probably won't make me throw up in my mouth. UNSUBSCRIBING NOW!

  6. I got whisper this person started talking to me so we chatted for a while until I said I live whith my Dad and he started asking me questions and asked me how old was I in a creepy way I looked at his age range it said 30-35 Im 15! HECK 2 THE NAW I didn't answer him and deleted that whole app! NEVER AGAIN!

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