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  1. Just some additional information for the case in 5:00 . It is a well known fact that a majority of LAPD officers, especially in the Rampart division, had ties to the Bloods / Piru / Damu gang because of the neighbourhoods they grew up in and family ties to the gang. A lot of drug / gang related murders, evidence tampering, and witness intimidation that went down in LA during that era was either pinned on rival gangs or were ordered hits by the LAPD for the Bloods or by the Bloods for the LAPD.

  2. When you said her lower body was in the kitchen and her upper body was at the top of the stairs? I thought she was in half… then you said an axe and I’m like omg they axed her in half. Then you never said it. I’m like wait a sec… I can’t be the only one who did that!!

  3. wow 15 million dollars… assuming they were working at a job for 24 hrs a day, this would mean they got around $60 per hour being in prison… not bad pay

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